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Reliable comfortable industrial culture city where Kariya privileged marketeer sparkles
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Foreign language (multilingual)

We translate homepage in English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Tagalog using private automatic translation service.
For machine translation by machine translation system, it may not be necessarily accurate translation.
Translation may take time depending on page
As you may be different from original contents of Japanese page before translation, please use this after understanding enough.

English (English)

The official homepage will be translated in english, chinese, korean, and Portuguese using a private automatic translation service.
Please note that as it is a machine translation from an automatic translation system, the translation may not always be accurate.
Translation may take time in certain pages.
Also note that after the translation, the content may not be same as in the original japanese page.

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portugues (Portuguese)

As paginas do site oficial foram traduzidas por um servico privado automatico de traducao
Elas podem ser traduzidas para o ingles, o chines, o coreano, e o portugues.
Comforme a pagina, poderia levar algum tempo.
Pedimos sua compreensao pois como as paginas sao traduzidas por um softer de traducao, a mesmao pode nao estar totalmente correta. Apos a traducao o seu conteudo pode nao estar identico ao da pagina em japones.

We open with link new window to outside site.comece traducao

한국어 (Korean)

홈페이지를민간자동번역서비스를이용하여영어, 중국어, 한국어로포르투갈어번역합니다.

We open with link new window to outside site.번역개시

Zhongwen (简 character)

Own 动 hon 译 clothes 务 of * 页 zeriyomin 营, honei 语, zhongwen, 韩语, Portugal 语.
Complete original 确 non-constant yoshi*zeriyoji 动 hon 译 system 统获 tokumatohon 译结 ka, reason.
konsuwari* 页 inequality, yu*zaihon 译时 demand flower 费 steady 时间.
Original text contents location entrance and exit of day 语 * 页 of in front of yoshi*hon 译结 kakano*hon 译, reason 请 living-in-; basis 础 joriyohon** of enough understanding 这 one point.

We open with link new window to outside site.The hon 译开 beginning

Zhongwen (han*ji)

mopejizeriyomin*matojidohon*fukumuhon*narieigo, zhongwen, Korean, Portugal word mark.
yoshi*zeriyojidohon*kakaritokakutokumatohon*ketsuka, reason non-constant perfection are accurate.
kon*mopejifudo, yu*zaihon*jijuyohanahiichiteimatojikan.
It is yoyushodenyu, shoiseizaijufunrikai*ichi*matokisojoriyohommopeji yoshi*hon*ketsukakano*hon*zemmatonichigomopejimatoharabun.

We open with link new window to outside site.hon*kaishi

Tagalog (Tagalog)

Ang opisyal na homepage ay isasalin sa Ingles, Chinese, Korean at Portuges na gamit ang isang pribadong awtomatikong serbisyo ng pagsasalin.
Para sa makinang pagsasalin sa pamamagitan ng awtomatikong sistema nang pagsasalin tungkol ay maaaring hindi wasto o tumpak ang pagsasalin.
Depende sa pahina ay may kasong matagal ang pagsasalin.
Tandaan din na pagkatapos sa pagsalin ay maaaring hindi magkapareho sa orihinal na pahina ng Hapones, manyari lamang na gamitin ito matapos ganap na maunawaan ang bagay na ito.

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Kariya city office

〒448-8501 1-1, Touyocho, Kariya-shi, Aichi
Phone number 0566-23-1111 (main)
Open agency time: From Monday through Friday 8:30 17:15 (take a rest for Saturday, Sundays and holidays and the year-end and New Year holidays)
Copyright © 2012 Kariya City,Aichi,Japan. All Rights Reserved.
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