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Reliable comfortable industrial culture city where Kariya privileged marketeer sparkles
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Kariya Citizen news January 1, 30 issue

Update day: January 5, 2018

You can read the "Kariya Residents News", an information paper by Kariya city. Please click page that you want to look at.

Page Contents
All pages (PDF: 34,092KB) 1-26 pages
One page (PDF: 3,592KB) Cover (surely wave to be able to get on comes
Well! We make use of one chance, and let's get on wave of happiness)
Two pages (PDF: 3,352KB) 2018 new spring Happy New Year
Three pages (PDF: 3,916KB) News from camera (we introduce all of each country which participated in international exchange Festa, 9 sections that both happiness and trouble connect together by team, STOP! worst one, charm of own country)
4-5 pages (PDF: 2,972KB) Special feature 1 school lunch feature

6-7 pages (PDF: 2,412KB)

Special feature 1 school lunch feature
8-9 pages (PDF: 3,889KB) It surrounds special feature 2 Kariya Castle trace
10-11 pages (PDF: 2,733KB) It surrounds special feature 2 Kariya Castle trace
12 pages (PDF: 1,142KB) We challenge puzzle with New Year's present!
13 pages (PDF: 2,059KB) New Year's present present 
14-15 pages (PDF: 692KB) General Cultural Center events
Kariya brass project special concert vol.2, Kariya city synthesis culture orchestra second commuter pass concert, Yuki Kondo piano recital, stage "Martian two people," it is Fujiko Heming & Slovak national broadcast symphony orchestra
16-17 pages (PDF: 547KB) Information for wing arena Kariya classroom
We repeated talking place 10 chattering so many men, so many minds of our town, and decade passed
18 pages (PDF: 1,130KB) 1DAY course of general Cultural Center winter
Internet public auction
19 pages (PDF: 451KB) Information corner (course, classroom, event)
Population of Kariya city
Floral garden culture classroom, Citizen news volunteer training course of voice, first grade fire prevention management new class, lifesaving class, display, sale such as recycling furniture, little child art exhibition
20 pages (PDF: 1,046KB) Information corner (event, sports, open space of child)
Speak Shingo Hoshino exhibition, general Cultural Center atrium concert, Japanese dance child classroom presentation, kakitsubata masterpiece movie fair, foster parent nurture experience presentation, uni-hockey meeting, this toasobo whole country visit after the permanent exhibition third death for 20 years, and speak unit; event, story-telling fair of foreign country picture book
21 pages (PDF: 808KB) Information corner (open space, child care of child)
Let's learn ABC in komadeasobo, parent and child ♪ (scientific course) is daddy open space in your heart with, otedamade play bo, secret osagurou "egg of science" of leaf quickly and healthily; keep-fit of play bo, baby and mom, child care support seminar
22 pages (PDF: 914KB) Information corner (child care, the welfare, health, news, news from west Mikawa event)
"Is right, face each other, and maternity salon, dementia care family exchange meeting, study session, civic healthy course will learn with sugar", and "speak health up University course, citizen extension course of Helicobacter pylori and stomach cancer," is supply application of adding up allowance for family medical expenses, change of the emergency management radio docimasy equipment, school expenses loan of Japan system financing government finance company country, kiteflying festival that asked for after alcohol specialty counselor, major medical service, engineering department of kokizeishai*seido
23 pages (PDF: 1,439KB) Recruitment of vaunted photograph University! We are proud of Kariya our town
Citizen special discount ticket
24 pages (PDF: 1,320KB) The environment course 111th of key Bo is fun, and let's share warm!
Challenge of TEAM Kariya! vol. 28
Cover another one of now issue
Editor miscellaneous thoughts
25 pages (PDF: 2,606KB) Participation corner of all
Baby appearance
Hello! (the fifth highest awards consecutive for Kariya city green curtain contest three years!)
26 pages (PDF: 3,216KB) To New Year's card Kariya citizens

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Kariya city
1-1, Touyocho, Kariya-shi, Aichi
Tel:: 0566-23-1111

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Kariya city office

〒448-8501 1-1, Touyocho, Kariya-shi, Aichi
Phone number 0566-23-1111 (main)
Open agency time: From Monday through Friday 8:30 17:15 (take a rest for Saturday, Sundays and holidays and the year-end and New Year holidays)
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