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Kariya Citizen news January 15, 30 issue

Update day: January 15, 2018

You can read the "Kariya Residents News", an information paper by Kariya city. Please click page that you want to look at.

Page Contents
All pages (PDF: 12,636KB) 1-24 pages
One page (PDF: 2,443KB) Cover (KARIYA FREE Wi-Fi)
Two pages (PDF: 1,216KB) It becomes easy to use public facilities communication bus more
Recruitment of southern part of association of municipal facilities management, northern Lifelong Learning Center temporary workers
KARIYA FREE Wi-Fi is available
Three pages (PDF: 925KB) Cali Ann seminar 
For girl who want to know before employment seminar to know "work"
4-5 pages (PDF: 334KB) Final income tax return of income tax and special reconstruction income tax
Six pages (PDF: 1,010KB) Report of city prefectural tax
Seven pages (PDF: 1,545KB) Culture studio Kariya plan performance
nijiiro musical band with crown concert-related plan
"Bright election enlightenment poster contest" prizewinner
8-9 pages (PDF: 428KB)

Letter contest, young people composition contest prizewinner to family

Ten pages (PDF: 1,259KB) Scientific experience-based hall topic of dream and learning
News from library
Place to stay "kids club" of child of the weekend
11 pages (PDF: 1,387KB) News from Kariya citizen Kyukamura Shimojo Village
Story of pension that intellect profits for so as to read
12 pages (PDF: 348KB) Information corner (offer)
Municipal housing resident, garbage collection work temporary worker, incombustibles landfill site reception desk temporary worker, Sugina workplace, kusunoki garden temporary worker, prefecture consumer life monitor, tourism association member
13 pages (PDF: 1,024KB)

Traffic accident and crime that happened in the city in information corner (offer, course, classroom, event) November
It is presentation on closing a bargain udon experience-based private supplementary school, Kariya merchant University, graduate school, the people dance fans society New Year when spare assistant self-defense official, the making of tofu, consumer life course become potentiality nursery staff employment support workshop, introduction to KIFAV Japanese classroom volunteer course, adult gentle at heart about "inheritance tax and gift tax"

14 pages (PDF: 795KB)

Information corner (event, sports, open space of child)
General Cultural Center atrium concert
It is the experience "we wake up thing" making of in meeting, parent and child in use registration procedure of school sports opening, training of "heart" of athlete, software volleyball spring in culture studio Kariya are Marchais, consumer life exhibition, guide seminar that classified plane parts industry into field of vision, job hunting preparations seminar, 30

15 pages (PDF: 953KB) Window of information corner (open space, child care of child) town
Valentine! It is product rou, child care course with decoration rolled sushi of the Doll's Festival in making of chocolate, making of wool ball, hometown museum event, parent and child
16 pages (PDF: 740KB) Deadline of city tax of information corner (the welfare, health, news) this month
The quick 110th finished as for play bo, koyowaishakateikaimamorikyoshitsu heart full care seminar, mental patient family learning society, medical expenses subtraction of certification for long-term care person, allowance for disabled persons of person of certification for long-term care, public facilities designation manager, the bicycle purchase costs assistance business for infant two ride this year in tsukushimbo open space is solution by case
17 pages (PDF: 886KB)

Information corner (news)
Life annoyance free of charge conference telling about the situation such as administration of personnel administration in Kariya Chiryu environment association, trouble consultation of job hunting, 30 Kariya city scholarship student, news of prefecture identification (industrial distinction) minimum wages revision

18 pages (PDF: 1,104KB) Healthy Japanese 21 Kariya plan promotion! Indeed healthy information 164
Let's begin exercise for new one year!
As for the dishes, "plum of kelp meet dried radish strips" ... love ... in a good balance happily deliciously
19 pages (PDF: 735KB) Healthy guide
Expectant mothers, baby
Infants medical examination (February)
20 pages (PDF: 651KB)

Healthy guide
Routine immunization (inoculation of the infants period, other inoculations) younger than 20 years
Some furtherance (any vaccination) of rotaviral vaccination costs
Elderly person Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccination (routine immunization)
Some furtherance (any vaccination) of elderly person Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccination expense
Elderly person influenza vaccination

21 pages (PDF: 604KB) Healthy guide
Adult examination (group, individual treatment)
To person of Great East Japan Earthquake victim
22 pages (PDF: 660KB) Consultation of February
23 pages (PDF: 857KB) Doctors on duty such as Sunday of February
It is water supply works person on duty on Sunday of February
Information for holiday, night window
Information for application, receipt of passport
Information for water rate window
Cover of now issue
24 pages (PDF: 3,110KB) Back cover (advertisement)

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